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Here you will find

Scarce and obsolete parts to restore your old test equipment, or have  the one you got off eBay at a bargain price repaired,

Technical manuals - Service manuals for Hewlett - Packard  / Tektronix / Fluke test Equipment

Scarce semiconductors for  Industrial  /  Military or Consumer  electronics

Fully restored and guaranteed test and measurement Equipment  

A broad selection of spares / PCBs and service manuals for Sony consumer electronics from 1980

Tested / reconditioned and guaranteed  PCBs for CRT, Plasma, & LCD TVs

And many, many more.....


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Many parts are not yet listed, and we continuously add new products to our catalog


Service  Manuals Tektronix, HP, Fluke - Philips,

Original Factory Manuals

PDF Files on  CD orι Download

Reprinted Service-Operating Manuals

Original Replacement Part  for Tektronix, HP - Agilent, & Fluke

CRTs standard, storage, LCDs, Backlight Tubes

Ics, Hybrid ICs, Transistors, diodes,

Complete PCBs & Assemblies

Hi Voltage transformers, Triplers, HV Dividers

Potentiometers, Switches, Connectors, Special Capacitors

Resistors & Resistor networks

Knobs & Cosmetic Parts

Mechanical Parts & Hardware

Complete parts line for the Tektronix 2400 Series Oscilloscopes

Probes & Accessories for Tektronix, HP - Agilent, Fluke

Active Fet Probes

Passive voltage & current Probes

Sampling Probes and Sampling Heads

Probe Accessories, tips, ground clips, attenuator resistors

Multimeter Probes, Clips 

Parts For Industrial Applications

High Reliability Connectors, Switches, Solenoids,

Capacitors, Low ESR, SMD, Hi Voltage, Trimmers,

RF Connectors, Attenuators,

Transmitting - Receiving Tubes



And Many, Many More..


Original Sony Printed  Manuals For Consumer & Professional Equipment

CRT, LCD,Plasma TV

Camera - Camcorder

Video Betamax, VHS, Video8, Hi8, DV, Minidv

Hi - Fi Systems, Hi-end Audio

Portable Audio, Discman, walkman, ICF receivers,

Original Sony Replacement parts

PCB Assemblies For  CRT - LCD - Plasma TV, Camera, Camcorder

Audio, Video, Car audio

Mechanical Parts For Camcorder, audio, Car audio

Cabinets, Front Panels, Buttons for TV, Camera, Camcorder

Audio, Video, Car audio

Lenses &  CCDs for Camera , Camcorders

HV Assemblies & TV Flyback Transformers

Tuners - IF assemblies

Video Repair Parts

Belts, Idlers, Heads, Motors,

LCD - Plasma PCBs for

Samsung, Philips, LG, Toshiba, Beko

Replacement Parts & Components For Older Generation Computers


Power Supplies


Memory Chips

Disks, CD - DVD, floppy, tape drives

Display, SCSI, Ethernet, Sound Cards

Industrial PC Parts


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