Tektronix test equipment repair services

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   Test Equipment Repairs



After many years in the electronics servicing field, a great portion of which was in test equipment repair and calibration, and by having a complete technical library of nearly all tektronix test equipment ever manufactured, as well as a huge inventory of genuine mostly obsolete spare parts, qservice can repair down to component level most tektronix equipment considered  obsolete or no longer supported,


However distance, and ever rising shipping costs, practically limits this service, a solution to this is the introduction of the all inclusive repair services for selected high failure rate, and very popular instruments like the 2400 Series analog oscilloscopes, and the TDS series Digital oscilloscopes,


The all inclusive repair service, includes everything, Yes everything, parts, labor, VAT inclusive invoice, a complete report of what was done to your equipment, and return shipping to your specified address, all you have to do when you purchase this service, is carefully pack and pay for shipping the equipment to qservice,


We will repair, and replace ALL parts that have failed, or need to be replaced to achieve performance tests pass,  including CRTs, PCBs, and cosmetic parts, calibrate the instrument to meet original performance standards, and ship back to you, usual turnaround time is 7 business days from delivery date



Deliberately missing parts like ICs, PCBs, or Attenuators are NOT covered by this flat rate repair service

In case you have purchased one of those eBay bargains, only to find later on that some parts were missing

Please contact our support first, explaining the instrument's condition, will be happy to give you a quote for it



All Inclusive 90 Days guarantee is offered on this repair service, in the most unlike event any fault or malfunction occurs within this period, qservice will re-repair your instrument completely free, parts and labor included, customer will have to pay for returning the instrument to qservice, we pay for shipping back




All repaired equipment will have a serialized security seal

Tampering or defacing the seal Voids the Guarantee





This Service is available to customers within European Union ONLY, we can only ship to European destinations


Accepted methods of payment can be seen HERE



Click HERE to visit the repair services pages for more information and equipment covered list




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